Professional Certification Designations


The CCSE designation is open to senior managers whose responsibility covers service quality leadership - promoting and embedding the service culture at the workplace.

About the Programme
The two day (12 hr.) review session is designed for senior managers to enhance the leadership skills of these managers and to successfully pass the examination for the CCSE designation. Earning the CCSE credential requires in-depth knowledge in the following areas: managing people, leadership, strategies for promoting and embedding a service culture at the workplace, and managing the service encounter at the workplace.

Steps in Obtaining Certification

Step 1 - Practical Experience Requirement 
Before applying for the CCSE programme, you need to ensure that you meet the experience requirement set by CSAJ Board. The CCSE designation is only open to senior managers whose responsibility covers service quality leadership- promoting and embedding the service culture at the workplace.
Candidates work through a job performance checklist with their supervisors. The CSAJ standards for each area of performance are printed on the checklist, allowing candidates to practice the tasks and master the required skills.

Step 2 - Review Session
After the candidate has met the practical requirement he/she is now ready to prepare for the theoretical aspect of the certification. This is a two-day (12 hr.) review session that focuses on the strategies for promoting and maintaining a service culture at the workplace and the strategies for managing and supervising the service encounter. The two-day programme also focuses on developing a Quality Advantage Programme for organizations. An easy-to-use CCSE Review Guide will be provided for each candidate prior to the review session to give them time to become familiar with the material.

Step 3 - Theory Examination
The day after the two-day (12 hr.) Review Session is exam day. The exam will be three hours. It will be a multiple choice examination comprising 150 questions. Candidates would need to obtain a pass mark of at least 60% to be successful.

Step 4 - Certification
Certification will be granted to those candidates passing the examination. They will be awarded CSAJ's CCSE designation. Candidates who fail will be given two more chances to re-sit the examination at a small cost.

Re-certification Programme
Once certified you will automatically be registered in a re-certification programme. Every five (5) years professionals will be re-certified based on professional accomplishments. You will be issued with a new CSAJ lapel pin and certificate of designation.

What does the Certification Fee cover?
Fees include course materials, CSAJ lapel pin with appropriate designation, certificate for those who qualify and reach the 60% passing score, review session and examination session.